12-13 JULY 2024



Sommarvägen, 216 11 Malmö

12-13 July 2024

Unfortunately, no, as alcohol is served on the premises.

Small children are allowed on the premises, but they must wear ear protection. Otherwise, they will need to leave the area as it is required by law. It is the guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the children bring and use the ear protection.

We only accept tickets sold via our ticket provider Eventim. DO NOT BUY your ticket from a third party or other provider. We cannot guarantee the validity of such tickets.

If you wish to sell one of your purchased tickets from Eventim, use their FAN SALE service. fansale.se/fansale

It’s fine to show the ticket digitally. We will scan the ticket on your mobile.

If you need an assistant or carer ticket, contact Eventim, and they will help you. Such a ticket is free of charge when purchasing your own ticket.

There will be Lockers outside the festival area, where you can store your jacket and other personal belongings. You can read about the Lockers here.

There are designated areas within the festival grounds where smoking is permitted.

No. At South Ocean Festival, cash is not king.

No. No food or drink is allowed to be brought into the area.

It is currently not allowed to bring bags into the festival area. We follow the laws and regulations and update our guidelines as needed.

However, you can rent a Locker where you can store your bag and other personal belongings while enjoying the festival. 

With Skånetrafiken:

Line 47 will be deployed as additional support during the festival, running between Malmö Central Station (Malmö C) and Sibbarp, and vice versa. For the last hour of the festival, buses on Line 47 will depart at 23:45, 00:00, 00:15, and 00:30.