12-13 JULY 2024



Familjen was formed by Johan T Karlsson. The project started in 2004 and became known for its unique blend of electronic music and Swedish lyrics.

Familjen made a significant breakthrough with tracks like “Det snurrar i min skalle” and “Huvudet i sanden”. Their sound is characterized by electronic dance rhythms and evocative lyrics. Johan T Karlsson has continued to work with music under his own name and Familjen.

Familjen is considered one of the pioneering acts in the Swedish electronic music scene. In 2021, Familjen featured a song, “Malmö stad,” in SVT’s police drama “Tunna blå linjen.” That same year, Familjen produced the music for Henrik Schyffert’s Discovery+ series “Vi i Villa.” Johan T Karlsson is set to perform as Familjen on Friday, adding a much-anticipated electronic flair to the evening’s lineup.

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