12-13 JULY 2024



Do you want to be part of creating one of Sweden’s most exciting music festivals?

Now the application for volunteers for the year 2024 is open!

Below you will find information and an application form to become a volunteer at South Ocean Festival in Malmö. At the bottom of the page, there is a Q&A that answers the most common questions regarding being a volunteer at our festival.

Do you have questions about volunteering?
Contact petra@southoceanfestival.com

As a volunteer at our festival, you get an exclusive experience of being part of the creation, seeing what happens behind the scenes, and attending the festival with the feeling “I have been part of creating this”.

You as a volunteer play an important role before, during, and after our festival. We care about our volunteers, and therefore, as a volunteer, in exchange for your work, you get:

  • A ticket to the festival
  • A distinctive festival to add to your CV
  • To become part of our community of people who are passionate about festivals
  • Food and beverages during your shifts


What we need help from you with are various tasks before, during, and after the festival. Below you can see examples of tasks assigned to you as a volunteer during your shift.

Before the festival: Setting up privacy screens, floor construction, fence construction, cleaning, placement of tables, coffee making, etc.

During the festival: Extra hands for the staff, cleaning, manning different activity stations, etc.

After: Dismantling the area, cleaning, packing up, etc.

Night work: Assisting the night guard, area surveillance (outdoor work), etc.


We will process the personal data you provide to us in accordance with the rules in the Data Protection Regulation.